There is a quote that says, “If you want to master something, teach it.” This is the aim of our Contributors; to learn all that they can about Baja Sur by teaching and sharing what they have learned with others; You! By sharing we not only give but we get as well. By sharing our discoveries we learn from the other.  

The ALLIANCE is made up of a growing array of caring individuals, organizations, charities, Companies and even a few dynamic natural sites and places thrown in for good measure. Each factor acting in concert with the others to affect a meaningful environment for a better understanding of the Baja Sur, the Universe and ourselves.    

Like the Universe, the Alliance in itself is ever changing: Continually adding more factions; more components; more knowledge to an ever-larger morphing whole. As human beings we have built within our very DNA the desire to seek and learn of the collective “truth” that benefits the species. To accept a slothful attitude that all of our doctrines and beliefs have already been exposed and are not in need of a clearer understanding, is simply be a false paradigm. A placebo that we down to dull the pain of that splinter in our mind.  

We don’t know it all and perhaps we never will, but we need to keep trying; continue to move forward, continue to learn. Many, like those who make up the Alliance, have something to teach and something to contribute, something to enhance our world community. Communities are oftentimes divisions we’ve created for comfort. That is not the case with our little corner of the world. The knowledge and wisdom that we have gathered and wish to share with you, may be but a small fraction of what is out there to be discovered, understood and applied, but we must continue in our endeavors to share, what we know to be true, and learn from what we see and experience.  

“Even if your whole life has been a only a dream you could distinguish your nightly dreams from your “waking experiences” … if you have something too which to compare. Together we can share what we have learned so we may better known Nature’s lessons. They’re abundant in the Baja and the waters that surround it.

Take a few minutes to learn about each of our Contributors and what they have to offer and learn how each helps to cultivate a healthy garden in which to grow a better life.