“Parents give birth to a child and then spend the rest of their lives feeding them false paradigms design to kill them.” Quote by R Lee Schultz from The Visitors’ Guide to the Insane Asylum.

Parents and friends alike, fill us with what they think we “should” be, how we “should” act and what others “should” be like. We are born pure in the Truest sense of the word. Born in the pure essence of our maker’s image. Sad as it may be, we are then injected with what those around us think we “should” be. Confused?

Despite what you may have been conditioned to believe by these well-meaning individuals, there is nothing required of you to achieve a worthy wholeness. You are already there; exactly as you born. This awareness of who you really are reconnects you to your true self-esteem. Much like cataract eye surgery, we peel away the fog of well-meaning misinformation to see once again our True Self.

Our self-esteem is unwavering. It was built into our DNA from the beginning of time. We need only to simply allow it to be set free. No heavy lifting is required here. Much like surfing, when we ride the crest of the wave of life without the control of our ego, we once again begin loving ourselves unconditionally, just as we did as a child.

The approval rating of our ego, in contrast, is fickle and is a forever moving target which we can never hit. Our ego may approve of our performance today and then the next day judges us as totally lacking. Our egos version of the target has moved. As we shift from identifying with our ego’s insecurities and fears, we open the real gifts of the Universe. It all begins with awareness.

Spend time each day in the inner quiet of meditation. By doing so, we lift the vale from our unawareness and awaken our inner soul once again to our pure self: Our pure core essence.

As a parent or friend, remember that those who enter our life, be they children or friends, do so for a reason. They are not casual guests. They have been loaned to us temporarily by the Universe for the sole purpose of loving them, learning from them, and instilling in all of us a foundation of Universal Truths upon which their, and our lives are built. Be cognizant of that which we plant in the Minds Garden. Bring love and caring into the life of every person we meet. Plant positive Seeds and become a child once again. WEEEE! Let’s go play in the mud!