Do you feel stuck in the day to day doldrums of your life? Do you wonder why you keep reliving the same scenarios over and over and can’t seem to figure out why or how to change it? Does the craziness of this world we live in seem to be the norm in your Universe?


In Visitors Guide to the Insane Asylum: A highly successful entrepreneur, two-time cancer survivor, writer and motivational speaker, R. Lee Schultz translates the messages found in the codes of the Ancients into modern day understandings of the lessons the Universe has kept hidden in plain sight for centuries.

A multi-honored Television award winning producer, Lee shows us how he uncovered the key to giving up minor roles in other people’s dramas and becoming a star in his own award winning life, all while finding inner peace.

Leading us through true life hard learned lessons, numerous failed relationships, Lee becomes our tour guide circumnavigating the cold dark halls of the Insane Asylum we call life. Anyone who has ever lost their passion for living and is looking for the secret to climbing out of the darkness will find answers in Lee’s writings. In his words, and those of others, you’ll uncover:
• How to understand and rid your life of those deadly false pararhymes
• How to identify and end toxic relationships
• How to find meaningful, loving relationships
• How to rid your life of things (and people) that no longer serve you
• How to free yourself from situations that are hindering your self-understanding
• How to put passion back in your work life
• How to find your inner soul and savor inner peace
• How to plant positive seeds in your own mind garden and take control of your life

Visitors Guide to the Insane Asylum is part memoir, part analysis of the scientific underpinnings of spirituality, part meaningful antidotes seasoned with a sprinkle of humor. He offers a critical guide to the riches of archaic and modern thought and invaluable insights into real life human motivation and cognition by blending contemplative wisdom with modern science to open our eyes to Universal Truths in a way no author has done before.